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ESMSD-01 EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server COURSE (EEMS) (ESMSD-01)

This course description will be understand an overview of EasiSMS module EEMS (EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Gateway) .
  • EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Gateway Course Objectives
  • 1.1 EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server
  • EEMS - Enterprise Messaging Server
  • EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Gateway
  • EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Gateway Quiz
  • 1.2 EEMS Prerequisites
  • EasiSMS Prerequisites Document List Part 1
  • EasiSMS prerequisite Part 2
  • EasiSMS Prerequisites Quiz1
  • 1.3 INSTALLING EEMS (Web Services & Web)
  • How to install EasiSMS EEMS
  • How to read and understand EasiSMS Dependency Guide
  • How to read and understand the EasiSMS Set up and Config Guide
  • How to install EEMS WebServices and EEMS Web
  • Quiz for EasiSMS Installer
  • 1.4 Authentication Types
  • EEMS Windows and Forms Authentication
  • EEMSWeb / EEMS Gateway Authentication types
  • EEMS Authentication types (Windows and Forms) quiz
  • 1.5 EEMS Web Service Configuration
  • How to configure EEMS Web Services
  • EEMSWebService Config Video
  • EEMSWebService Quiz
  • 1.6 How to update License for EEMS, EWWeb and EDBWeb
  • License File in EasiSMS
  • How to update your license file overview video
  • License update quiz
  • 1.7 Modules and Devices
  • GSM Modem and SMPP FAQ
  • GSM Modem and SMPP quiz
  • 1.8 EasiModem Setup
  • How to add GSM Modem Course outline
  • How to create GSM Modem in EEMS Web
  • Quiz for GSM Modem in EEMS
  • 1.9 EasiSMPP SETUP
  • Demo on EasiSMPP Device setup in EEMS
  • EasiSMPP recap
  • Quiz on EasiSMPP
  • 1.9 EasiApp SETUP
  • About RapidSMS Push connector
  • Demo: Adding a RapidSMS Push connector in EEMS Web
  • Demo: How to send Push notifications to your mobile device using EasiApp SDK
  • Demo: Adding a RapidSMS MMS connector in EEMS Web
  • Demo : How to send MMS content to your device using EasiAppSDK (EEMS)
  • EasiApp (Push and MMS) Quiz
  • Load Balance Across Multiple SMPP Devices / Devices
  • Adding Outgoing Rules for Load Balancing SMPP Devices
  • How to load balance across multiple SMPP devices in EEMS Gateway Video
  • How To Load Balance Devices Quiz
  • Security concerns over the GSM Modem
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed